For me and my friends this week has gone so quick!!! It’s really weird! I keep thinking that we’re only halfway threw the week :’)

Today in Physics me, my sister and our friend were talking about handwriting –

Sister : Your handwriting is massive – Friend -!

Friend : Well.. I’m sorry!

Sister : Apparently if your handwriting is big, it means your bold!

Us :

So… If it’s small you’re not bold? You’re  shy?

Sister : Mine’s not small, so I’m bold!

Me :

Wouldn’t quite say that…

Sister :



Me : Your handwriting is scruffy… so you’re scruffy!!


Sister :


Well, sine your handwriting is slanted… YOU’RE SLANTED!

Me: -_-

Both: Then… since – Friend – has big handwriting… SHE’S BIG!


Friend : HEY!


FSOTD and YO, friday ost special coming uppppp!

Jo-Jo xx



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