Favourite Song of the Day

Girls Generation – Time Machine

Yes, it is Japanese! Sorry, not korean today ^_^

Another fantastic amazing song from Girls Generation, infact… all their songs are stunning! THEY ARE SO PRETTY! Their make up and their out fits are so niceee! Their singing is just… too good!

To be honest… I do not like how their is a bit at the begining… that wouldn’t have bothered me if it wasn’t so LONG!!!!! I’ve skipped it every time.. I cannot be bothered to watch it -_-

I think it’s basically about how each of the members sing about how they have something they wish they could go back in time to change. They wish they had a time machine… not gonna happen. Unless they are magic. Maybe? They have the power to captivate every man in S. Korea :’)

Overall think the MV is nicely done but should have shortened the opening clip!

Jo-Jo xx


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