Your Opinion

As I said before, CNBlue won last time with Still In Love.

Today it’s between Orange Caramel (which me and my sister call the Orange Camels LOL) and Leessang.

Aing by Orange Caramel

Awesomely cute and sweet video :’) The costumes look like dressing up clothes! Good thing they do though because it’s based on some children’s stories -Red riding hood, Snow White & Alice in Wonderland (etc)and so they fit well. I love the set! The People in the full body costumes I swear I recognise…


Turn off the TV by Leessang

Ledgendary group 😀 Very unique and original video! Must have taken FOR EVER to have sorted out!I think it’s very good really… You don’t get such MV’s like this often and I think it’s super!

The song is something I would bob my head up and down to. Relaxed Calm feeling – quite repetitive but meh. Still good!

Thanks for voting!

Jo-Jo xx


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