Favourite Song of the Day

BAP Secret Love (feat Ailee) – I think/hope that is the right title!!

At first I thought – (to.BABY) by BAP feat. someone… was the name of the song… that’s what title I enterpruted from reading the header… When I put it into Bing transtlater, it came up with (This non-blood) – Secret Love Affair… So I got confused.

Then on the side I saw Secret Love by BAP featuring Ailee and guessed that would be the same!

Love this song,calm and still cool. Different to the rough rappy awesome side, yet still lovely and they add their own style in and make it interesting. In parts it sounds very spanish! Especially the opening! I instantly thought how spanish it sounded, nice.

Watching the video that was with it, I realised they were so sweet! They all look like they have bonded so well! They’re all great friends, it’s nice to see them enjoy themselves. I love BAP! I, thanks to my friend, have BAP’s CD ;D Thanks Sky 😉


Jo-Jo xx




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