Favourite Song of the Day

😀 Feels good to be back! 😉

Today, my favourite song is Reason by 4Men from the Secret Garden OST.

As some of you may know, I did stop watching the drama. BUT! I have decided to watch it right from the begining – TO THE END this time! ^-^

When I was watching it last time… I really don’t know what came over me! Why on earth did I stop?!?! >_<

I loved this song STRAIGHT away from the moment I heard it the first time. This song is stunning! Love the power and emotion in the vocals and how the song fits together and flows well. The instruments are also appropriate. The song gives off a dramatic sad feel. Totally fallen in love with all the songs in the Secret Garden OST! That Man, That Woman, Here I am – e.t.c, Who ever was in charge of the songs… I LOVE you! X’D

Gonna have to hurry up and watch the rest now 😀 XD

Jo-Jo xx


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