Favourite Song of the Day

Today I’m SKIPPING putting up what happened today because… nothing happened… >_<

My Favourite Song for today, which I found like… 15 mins ago, is called Falling by John Park

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Seriously stunning and amazing, both the MV and the song. It’s a fantastic song that makes me bob up and down and sway from side to side! I like the feeling of this song and his voice. I think the instruments – guitar and drum kit were chosen very well! They are perfect for this song.

I love the music video because it… just… goes so well!!! It’s done very well, the colours, the camera angles, affects, EVERY THING! I have no problem with the graphics, the crate, aeroplane and sky/clouds look very realistic to me. Maybe they aren’t graphics, but I have no idea how it’s done!

At the very begining I didn’t realise he was in the crate because he didn’t react atall… when everything began to float I had my suspisions and when the water began to rush in it confirmed it! Also at the begining I’m guessing that the alchol is suggesting he is slightly “out of it”? Idk.. maybe that’s what I see. I’m very… imaginative!

Thanks for reading once again! I’m sorry I won’t be posting what happened today but if I had it would have just said “Today nothing happend!”

How boring would that be…

Jo-Jo xx


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