Your Opinion

Yesterday’s YO winner is Yesterday by Kim Kyu Jong.

Today who will win? ^.^

BTD by Infinite

LOVE IT! TOTALLY FANTASTIC!! Love how it’s filmed and how they edited it. Love the song! Love their style! I would only say that in part the fighting looks a bit fake (to me) and also the plot blew my mind… There are these two people fighting, which I thought were rivals, but then.. suddenly a weird “man” comes out of no where and they try to stop him, using violence, so he hurts them back. They, at the end, join together and slam a massive log into his stomach… which he saw coming… since he turned around 5 minutes before they slamed it into him…  This “man” then… when exposed to the light dissolves into a black mist and disapears… he’s not human then?! o.o

At the end I thought they would end up being friends again.. but no… they go and start fighting AGAIN. At the very, very end we discover that they are in a jail or prison or somthing… How did that “man” get in… also… would they be allowed to fight in this jail? Where is everyone?!


Good Day by IU

First IU song I listened to. Love her voice, it’s so innocent and sweet! She is a great singer,

I love how she randomly brings her pet to the shop… and then… after it tells the guy “saranghaeyo… oppa” (which means I love you and then Oppa is something you can say to boys depending on the situation) and she gets imbarresed, she leaves the poor thing there! I also love the random guy that pops up every few seconds to add some instruments. I haven’t got as much to complain about on this one :’)

Thanks for voting!

Jo-Jo xx


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