This morning I trapped my finger in the shower door as I was getting out of it!

It hurt! And it bled! But i ran it under the cold tap for a bit.

Me and my best friend had a MASSIVE tickle fight with each other at lunch time! We got everyone else (meaning the rest of our friends) involved,




It was funny :’) But afterwards my best friend was very tense and threatened to karate chop anyone who moved because she thought that they were going to tickle her.

My sister has been off school because she has been ill today, I hope she gets better soon! x

Another EXO teaser is out! But… It’s AMAZING 😀

As usual (I spelt it right this time!!) there are annoyed fans saying “Oh not ANOTHER teaser!” & “Kai, again?!” but this time it shows off their singing ability, also I love Kai so all’s good. The piano bit is also very artisticly and skillfully done! Nice touch. He also shows off his great dancing ability and fashion sense as always. Never dipleases me ^-^

Jo-Jo xx



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