I’m sorry I haven’t been on these past 2 days!

On Sunday I went to the science museum in London 😀 It was great fun and we got to do all the funner stuff this time. I went on a red arrows simulator and I was freaking out because I thought it was going to be really scary. Exept the bit at the begining where I was REALLY tense and jumped out of my skin when the simulator began to move, it was fine. It wasn’t scary atall -_-

Yesterday I was at Girl Guides (A after school club out of school… if that makes sense >_<) and we learn’t some sign language! This morning in assembly I was taling to my friend using sign language since we went allowed to talk. Then all of a sudden a teacher storms out and says “JO STOP TALKING!”



I wasn’t talking -_-

Well you never know… she may have known that we were talking to each other in sign language… but I doubt it.

I’ve just written my Valentine’s Day (I know, it’s a bit late… my teacher still wanted to do it even though it has been a while =.=) poem into a heart shape… and halfway through I realised I was writing too big,


So, now my writing gets smaller and smaller 😉

i managed to fit it all in 😀

Jo-Jo xx



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