Favourite Song of the Day

Today my new song is from BIGBANG, THEY’RE BACK 😀

The song I was unsure of when I started listening to it for the first time but, after finishing, I couldn’t help but press the replay button over and OVER! Daesung’s voice is as lovely as ever, so is GD and TOP’s. All of them fit so, so well together and with the song 🙂 I REALLY love the begining  AMAZING 😀

Their new “Inner” look is not bad. Their songs from their come back album “Alive” are taking a much more different route than their previous songs. They are more heart warming and calm compared to their normal confident sounds. This (I believe) is due to the fact that this year hasn’t been so good for Big Bang.

I have one personal point to point out, is it just me or does GD’s hair style really annoy you? DON’T MISS UNDER STAND! He is actually my bias! It’s just… I feel like half his hair has fallen off >_>

It doesn’t look so bad in the picture above and I guessing it’s because he isn’t wearing a hat.


Jo-Jo xx


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