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Yesterday’s YO OST special winner was Shut Up Flower Boy Band – Jaywalking sung by Sung Joon which won 1-0

Today it’s back to normal and is between the normal songs!

2NE1’s Try To Copy Me/Follow Me

They are extremly origional and extrodanary! (Sorry for bad spellings >_<) Some people say that they copy Lady Gaga, but just because they wear slightly odd and crazy outfits and their style of music is funky doens’t mean that they are copying her -_- Since when did Lady Gaga claim that type of style for herself? She doesn’t own it! Anyone could do that but would be told that they were copying lady gaga just because lady gaga was the first to be known like that if you get what I mean -.-”


Elizabeth’s Ppappa Pierrot

My first reaction was OMFG WTH!?!?! But after the girl that screamed like a man got out of the gross gloop it got SLIGHTLY better. To be honest I don’t really like this song and MV that much… I think that the “pap pap peado” 0:18 – 0:33 is quite addictive to sing but it does kinda sound like “pa pa pedo…” … X’D It’s not too bad… But the MV is.. weird =_= Lets just say it has its good and bad points…

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Thank You for your vote, every vote counts ^_^

Jo-Jo xx


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