So much funny stuff happened that I can’t remember it all ;-; !!

In maths me and by best friend were talking about You’re Beautiful. We were like “Gemmmaaaaa! GEMMAAAA!” From when “Mother Superior” pops up out of no where :’)

We also tried drawing Tae Kyung but… it kinda failed! It’s really hard to draw him!

My best friend was like – “To be honest, I think he’s kinda ugly..” I was like… Hmmm…

But meh. At first I thought the same… I think it was because of his eyebrows and eyes… I’ve come to love him now ^-^

At lunch time all of us were at the music block exept one of my friends. She kept texting saying “Where are you?!” But we just ingored… She then called like… all of us… untill we were like


Then we decided to play a little trick..

Our friend strated texting her in Thai and she just got angrier and angrier…

When she called again, our Thai friend spoke to her in Thai and she was like


Then she phoned again and when our friend started talking in thai she hung up. Then phoned us AGAIN! Has she not learned what would happen?! This time we passed it to our Indian friend who talked to her in indian :’)

She also sighed really dramaticly and so we all burst into fits of laughter! Then she was like “I can hear you luaghing!” So we shut up.

Through our Physics lesson me and my sister drew whales 😀

Isn’t School Fun?! Hahahaha no…

Jo-Jo xx


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