Favourite Song of the Day

Today my favourite song is Paparazzi by Kan Mi Youn

Love this song :’) It’s so fun and also has a nice contrasting bit at 1:14 – 1:27 which I LOOOOVE! I also think that the way she says I’m gonna watch sounds more like “I’m a gonnna watchy” which is funny, but rhymes which paparazzi because of the way that she pronounces it.

The MV uses lots of playful colours and that fits in with the sound of the song. I think this is about her saying that she knows everything about this idol and that she will watch him in the future too. I guess that it’s creeping him out that this person is stalking him.. In the end he thinks about it and decides that this person really likes him I guess and therefore likes her back? >_<

I love how she even follows him into the men’s loo o.o and also how he tries to dance along with them but fails.I really love the dancing – the arm turning is awsome :’)


Jo-Jo xx


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