Favourite Song of the Day

Today my favourite song is another OST.. I’m sorry -.-

Today my fave. song is from … yep… you guessed it. You’re Beautiful.

Without words sung by Park Shin Hye

Okay.. you should all know by now that  I really admire Park Shin Hye ^_^ She sings AND acts well here. She puts emotion and feeling into her voice which, when added with her amazing acting, makes me get a lump in my throat! Not in a bad way. This proves to me that she is capable of acting well AND singing amazingly at the same time which I’m sure must be hard. Infact… the first time I watched You’re Beautiful I remember crying, her skill reduced me to tears :’)

As for the MV, Basically this happens –

“Tae Kyung: Why is your feelings seem to be exploding?! Is it because Shin Woo is here?

Jeremy: WOW! What an amazing voice! It’s better than Tae Kyung’s voice.

Shin Woo: Why is she looking at Tae Kyung while singing? Is that song for him?”

 – dawndagcuta

Thanks for reading 😀

Jo-Jo xx




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