Your Opinion

Yesterday’s winner was… NOONE! It was a tie! 1-1

Today it is between SISTAR’S Hyorin and Wanted

I Choose To Love You by Hyorin (From SISTAR)

I realised that I think this may be an OST by oh well… not from a drama I know! I was really shocked when that girl broke an apple in half o.o! Hyorin’s voice has always be this shockingly good. She has no fault in her vocals ATALL!


Going to You by Wanted

Touching and beautiful. The description says –

” The music video for “Going to You” is about the excitement and fears in giving love a second chance despite the pain they have inside. Featuring rising stars Lee Jung-Hyuk and Kim Bo-Reum, a man who dreams nightmares every night due to the sadness of having lost a loved one meets a woman as he leaves on a trip to leave everything behind and starts to be healed and comforted as he dreams of a new beginning when he sees that the woman shares his pains. Directed by Kim Do-Yun, who is known for his sensational images that switch to and fro from indie and major fields, the quality of the music video is equivalent to a movie, having been filmed by the photography director and staff of the 2011 box office hit “War of the Arrows”.  “

When he stepped on that broken glass I flinched! >_< I love this song because it is touching and their voices are nice. Very nicely done.

Thanks for your vote

Jo-Jo xx


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