Today was the usal…

In Geography we are doing about China which I really enjoy ^.^ Right now we are doing about the One Child Policy thing… Because it was over populated couples were only aloud to have one child… But – yeah! I enjoy finding out about any Asian country because there is a possibility a kpop idol could go there!

In Latin our teacher said that anyone that hadn’t handed in their home work would get a detention…

Becca hadn’t so she got very worried! Like


Hoping that she wasn’t involved. Luckily she wasn’t involved >_< It was just the people who had not handed in their homework more than once!

One of our friends was called back so we were all

Haha had good luck. But she came back and told us that she was told she had to retake a latin test and that was it :’)
we had break then… I had to borrow some money from my best friend because I didn’t have any money… infact! That reminds me! I think I’ve lost £1!!
So annoying! I need that money for FOOD!
Then in English my best friend got really told off because she was drawing something instead of doing work… The teacher was like “What’s your name? And your surname? Okay, I’m going to write a note to your teacher.” At the time it was like
But thinking back on it now just makes me laugh!
EXO has another teaser out! I have to admit.. this is getting on my nerves now! I love, LOVE, LOOOOOVE EXO As you all should know!But it is really annoying that they don’t DEBUT allready!
But here it is!
Pretty cool.
Look out for F.S.O.T.D! and YO! kehehe
Jo-Jo xx



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