Favourite Song of the Day

Today’s Song is sung by Ye Eun from The Wonder Girls

It is from the Dream High 2 soundtrack and is called Hello To Myself

I find this song pretty amazing. Her voice is stunning, the music is beautiful and the instruments fit perfectly! The feel of the song is lovely. It has a relaxing but sad feel to it. It builds up and up untill the end where it calms down again. You can hear the guitar and drums pretty easily, so there are clear instrument sounds. I think she controls her vocals well and the rythm and beat is awsome!

Since there is no music video here is the clip from the drama –

When I first heard this I thought she was really good at singing but when I looked through the comments other people kinda perswaded me that maybe she’s not as great as I thought…

“i don’t like her voice – maiquynh1711”

“… its not her voice at all lol she us just mouthing the words – mcs7779″

” i love yenny’s version better..her singing lack soul and i hate how she sings every phrase shortly.. – ninimonica ”

“Her singing is so bad here, especially when she sings the high-pitch notes. Sounds like a bat screeching eeek. And her low to medium notes are completely out of tune. I hope this isn’t an example of her “good” singing. I hope she improves at singing for the sake of her character. It’s going to bother me if it’s not believable. But she really is a wonderful actress. I give her props for that…the best actor/actress of the show. – CandidlySubtle”

” Yes, it is mean, but it is the complete truth. I just listened to it again, and it is BAD. Yeah, I heard bad singing AND good singing and bats screeching. This is not good singing. It’s okay, she’s an actress, not a singer. But if her character is supposed to be good later on, I want it to be believable. – Candy Subtle”

At first I was like… Okay then… maybe it’s just that I’m hearing it wrong or something? So after I began to not like it so much because of what other people said. And I don’t think I should have done that because I really do like her voice. It’s pure and fresh.

Thank You for reading ^.^

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Jo-Jo xx


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