Well.. Today was just a usal day -_-

4 other people and I had to do a test that we had missed for Biology. So in the lesson, we were told to do it in the libary. We went down and each sat on different tables and began our tests.


I was like D:<

I then missed some of my favourite lesson, Art, because I had to go to a music lesson. But when I had walked ALL THE WAY THERE (It’s ages away! It’s over the road and you have to go along past the junior school!) she wasn’t in school today -_-

Also… The worst thing that happened was that one of our friends wrote a really e-mail to one of our other friends. In this e-mail she said that we had said something that we hadn’t which was extremly stupid and un-thinking. It’s all getting out of control now!

So it hasn’t been the best of days.. but hey-ho!

Jo-Jo xx

STILL NOONE KNOWS WHY I CALLED MYSELF JO-JO?!?! Should I just give up on this quiz.. seriously -.- THERE IS A PRIZE YOU KNOW!!! Even though… it’s rubbish


Remember to vote today and also listen to my Fave. song of the day!!!


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