Favourite Song of the Day

Today my favourite song isssss –

All you A.N.JELL fans know what this is right 😉

Yes! It’s You’re Beautiful. I have loved this very much ever since the drama and it was my favourite soundtrack before City Hunter! I have been listening to this OST today because of my friend (Raddish) who is going to start watching it made me somehow addicted once again! I may even watch it again! I’ve only ever watched City Hunter more than once! (I’ve watched that like.. 3 times? Maybe :’) Lol).

I love Park Shin Hye and her voice. I love her acting. I love Jung Yong Hwa, his acting and his voice. I love Lee Hong Ki (FTISLAND :D) his cute acting and voice. So yeah. I like the cast! Jang Geun Suk is also awsome.. his voice is also fab! But I love ShinHwa 😉 The drama was fantastic! One of the best 😀 Totally recomended ^.^


Go watch it RIGHT now if you haven’t seen it already ^.^

Jo-Jo xx


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