I’ve Missed You All!

I’ve finally come back! I have missed you so much! Before I say anything I am going to say thank you very much to my sister Becca who updated you and told you all that I was ill! Also, Thanks to Raddish 😀 ^.^

Now, I’ll tell you roughly what happened,

I was very ill and didn’t really feel up to going on my blog as writing on here uses alot of thinking, about what I should write, so.. I thought to myself that I would just leave it for that day and go on and tell you guys the next day. Unfortunately that did not happen, instead, I became worse and stayed off school.

Stayed off because I needed to try and get better before we had to travel all the way to my grandparent’s house for Granny’s funeral. We did go down but I still didn’t feel perfect. I kept Becca up all night because I was coughing so much (-_- sorry). I kept saying that I couldn’t help it, but she seems sure that you can stop your self coughing -_-

When I got back I STILL wasn’t well. I did try going to school but only ended up doing half the day. I went to the Doctors surgery like.. 2 or 3 times and then they suggested I went to Hospital. So we asked their opinion, and they said that I had a chest infection.

I have once had chest infection before, but it was a much worse case senario. That time I had to stay in a hospital bed for a few nights and had to have oxygen masks and stuff -.-

She gave me pills…



Is it just me or are pills IMPOSSIBLE to swallow?!?!?! I hate pills -_-

But, I did TRY and take them. Even though every time my reaction was like –


NOOOO! I have to take my pill D’:

It just WOULDN’T go down SO FRUSTRATING! I wasn’t scared I would choke.. I just couldn’t swallow it GRRRR!

I had to take it 3 times aday! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!


But I did finally get better. It took me a while to get back into the swing of things and that’s why it has taken so long for me to come back here! But I missed you all so much! I doubt you all did.. but hey!

Me and my sister went to London recently as a family outing.. but she ended up TOTALLY ruining it by throwing one of her MASSIVE fits -_-

We went to the Science Museum (which was awsome) but since Becca was getting bored and angry we decided we needed to feed her, that normally makes her less stroppy. So we got to this lovely Italian resturant and there was a huge selection of nice food to choose from. But NO. Becca didn’t like any of it!


(there wasn’t pizza which I have to admit was weird since pizza is italian)

Becca was refusing to eat anything from that resturant and demanding that we go somwhere else. But we didn’t…

My mum was like  -_-

“You like risotto, right? Why don’t you have chicken risotto?”

Becca was all like


“NOOOO!” *sob*

My dad started getting angry and I just sat there like


The poor waitor shuffled on over to our table nervously and asked what we all wanted but when it came to becca… she just said “I don’t Know!”

So my mum ordered Chicken risotto…

When it came it had lemon on it and becca didn’t want it so she started crying…

Me –


“Omg -_- I can’t take this anymore!”

But the poor waitor came back and asked if she wanted to change it to one with out the lemon and so we agreed. He came back and gave her one with out the lemon and everything was… kinda… back to normal. Exept my dad wasn’t very pleased that she acted like a 2 yearold…

The day after we went SNOW BOARDING!!!! 😀 It was so fun! We went with our to child hood friends and there were 3 random other kids too. But it was so much fun!

One of our friends was super good! Like a pro! (nearly anyways!)


His sister (our other friend) was great too 😀

Becca was good.. but me.. I wouldn’t quite say the same -_-”


I fell over EVERY TIME!

We got to the top of the hill and we were all like

“Yeah Ok… it’s quite high up….”

Then suddenly he’s all like “Okay, firslty we’ll be going down the hill backwards

Our reaction –


Wait… seriously?!?! O.O


I fell over so much I couldn’t count… But when we went forward, at first I was so bad I couldn’t go down atall, I just shuffled to the bottom but then when the instructor helped me (Which he did all the time because everyone else was AMAZING) I managed to go down without falling over! WOW!

We all got cards saying if we passed or not and he was giving one to everyone like

“Welldone!” then when it comes to me he is all like “.. I gave you a pass anyway but I think you could do with some practice” :’) I don’t think he wanted to give me a pass.

We enjoyed it so much that me and my sister are going to do it for our birthday party! Yaaay!

ANYWAY! I have talked WAAAAAY too much! So I will go now and do my FSOTD! Then YO!

Missed you all,

Jo-Jo xx

P.S. Has noone STILL not guess why my online nickname is Jo-Jo!? Come oooon!


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