Favourite Song of the Day

Today my favourite song WAS going to be Chocolat’s One more day! Buuut! It ended up being –

Miss A’s New song, Touch.

Loved the teasers. For some reason I was drawn in by the rumors that it was going to be a really good song! Their comeback song…

When I first heard it, I was shocked because I didn’t expect it to be like that!!! But I was also shocked that it was such a good song! Even if it was slightly less than I dreamed of -.-

I love the sounds at 0:23 – 0:25! Infact I loved all the opening! I loved the almost.. robotic? sounds… The dancey music fits the singing well even though I would have thought it wouldn’t have matched well (personally). Their voices are fantastic!

The video starts off kinda freaky with all the weird projection stuff.. but it all fits the style and feeling of the song well. They then begin a fantastic dance rutine. Great choreography! I love when they are standing infront of the wall paper with the flowers growing (on the paper) behind them, nicely done! There are lots of quick movements used.

The colours use are Black, White, Red and Grey which look fantastic and fit the MV well.

The polt basically is about each of their relationships and feelings about who they love.

Thanks you guyss! YO now :D!

Jo-Jo xx


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