OMG GUYS! I’m so sorry! Yesterday the internet was TERRIBLE! I couldn’t come on my website 😥 I hope you’ll forgive meeee! 😥

Once again my life is boring and nothing has happened…

In hockey my REALLY violent friend was trying to get the ball and stood on some ones hand -.-”

Poor her! She was like,


She doesn’t really like her after that >.>

Also when we were walking over to our school’s Music Block, there was a van with some dogs in.

Me and my OTHER friend (Wow, am I popular or what?… No… I joke… I have no friends really) were standing right next to the van peering in and were all like,


It was so cuuute 😀

But then I suddenly trun my head and see this massive ugly scary dog infront of my eyes and I’m like WOAH!?

Me and my friend both scream and run away from that freaky dog as soon as possible!

After that, when we caught up with our other friends, we couldn’t stop laughing! They were looking at each other thinking

… They’re crazy…

When we finally told them, we showed them the dog and it was totally fine… -.-

That is untill my friend (the one I was with at first) tried to walk past, It wouldn’t stop barking!

All my other friends and I ran past like,

But my friend (who I was with at first) couldn’t get past because she was too scared >.<”


When she finally ran past, we were on the floor laughing. And people driving past were a bit shocked …

EXO… Have… released… a new… teaser…


Kai *-* Xiu Min huh… Looks like a good member!

There is also this –

An unofficial teaser! Looks fantabbytastic! ^.^


Cya in a mo!

Jo-Jo xx



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