Favourite Song of the Day

Today my fave. song is by BOYFRIEND 😀

It’s called Don’t touch my girl.

The song is really sweet and CATCHY! I was singing it through the WHOLE of guides >.< They have the cutest voices ^.^ It’s a great song which has a nice and sweet sound to it. It makes me wanna bop up and down XD Good use of rapping from Kwangmin *-* XD.

The MV is a story about how they miss their girl friends. They remember the good times they had with her but end up getting upset because she’s gone. They then randomly run/ride their bike along a strip of road by a lake. Their dancing is ASDFGHJKL!!!!! So good! I’ve always admired their dancing, fantastic! Good camera shots of them. Loved the balloons at the begining on the top of the skyskraper thingggy. At first I was like “DON’T JUMP o.o”… no… I joke… really badly

*cough cough*

I gtg now, YO next,

Jo-Jo xx


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