MBLAQ Goes To School

I started watching MBLAQ goes to school again today and have been laughing non-stop ^.^

I’m on episode 4 right now, when they’re getting their phone calls to say if they’ve passed or not and it’s REALLY TENSE! AG!

I feel upset for thoose (not gonna say who) that don’t get in… From what I’m on at the moment… I dunno is any of them get in -.-”

I have to say that MIR and LEE JOON (My two bias) are not the brightest of people… -.-”

Must…. Watch… More…

At the begining of the day I was watching Buzzer Beat – a JDrama, which was good. Untill my sister was like


Her: What was the name of that show you told me about before?


Me: MBLAQ goes to school 😉

Later on…

Maybe I should start watching it again… Now I’m like



Well… bye 😉

Jo-Jo xx


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