Kya *-*

I’ve been watching some EXO clips and realised I’ve missed alot! I use to check EVERYDAY to see if there has been any new EXO info, recently I haven’t had the time >.<

Lucky girls >.<


Hahahaha :’) Taemin 😀 My GOSH! LuHan sure is clever! How could he DO that :O!?

Lol. They do look quite simalar! Love them both ^.^

Well, I wish I could understand ;-; But I can’t T.T

LuHan is so funny xD SeHun is like … -.-” XD Maybe it’s gonna be LuHun/SeHan!?


I forgot to put this up when I first saw it… which was ages ago -.-” Sorry!

OOOOOO! Looking good huh? I can’t WAIT! ASDFGHJKL!

Jo-Jo xx




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