Your Opinion OST SPECIAL (…Because I Forgot Yesterday…)

Yesterday’s winner was Reminiscence by Super Junior K.R.Y. ^.^ congrats!

Today’s OST Specail (sorry I forgot yesterday!!) is between ~

What Should I Do by Park Da Hye/Ye from You’re Beautiful –

I thought it was sung by Park Shin Hye >_> Maybe not… Still a lovely and sad song 😥 Wish I could just watch it all again… which I’m not gonna do >_< You’re Beautiful is a great drama even though I gave up the first time I tryed to watch it because I found a bit of it crindgey (Like usal >.<). But when I tried again – and told my self I must not quit watching it, I finished it in no time 😥 I want mmmoooooooorrrrreeeeee! There is now a Japanese remake – Ikemen Desu Ne which is also great, not as good though!


Your Tears the Main Theme from Tamra the Island –

Omg 😥 So emotional and sad. Stunning peice of instrumental. I would have to say this is my favourite OST after City Hunter’s OST ;). This piece of inst. music is BEAUTIFUL! It’s so breathtakingly amazing 😥 When I was still watching the drama (which I never finsished -.-“) I cried :'(. The bit of the drama I did watch was great… I can’t even remember why I stopped… I think it was just getting a bit boring -.-” (I’m very fussy!). I might start watching it again! It’s definately worth a try ^.^

Poor you… I wouldn’t be able to choose!!!!!!


Jo-Jo xx


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