Favourite Song of the Day

Today my favourite song is infact ENGLISH but… sung by a kpop group caaaalled,


The name of the song is The DJ Is Mine which came out recently.

This song features School Gyrls and you also can see JYPark at the begining, 0:17 – 0:21 I also nearly got cesures from the begining 0:00 – 0:08!!! But the begining is REALLY good! I like how it starts off strongly ^.^

I think what I would describe this as would be.. Disco Pop/Hip Hop?! I make up theese things >_> Sorry that was a pethetic description -_-”

Loved the dance moves! Very well done and wish I could do that *-*

The outfits for their solo dancing, the green and pink (etc) ones… well… I wouldn’t quite say they were in fashion any more -_-” SO sorry but… bad costume choice there… Their outfits in the club is fine though ^.^

The location for their dancing solo’s takes place in what looks like a… bacement? >_> The club obvs. go well with the title ^.^ so thats great…

I love the rap – 2:30 – 3:02 THAT’S SO GOOD XD I likey…

There’s a bit of a cat fight happening between two girls and their friends but in the end, the girl with the frizzy hair (sorry idk her name >.<) wins ^.^ They end up having a fight still though… in the basement >_>


I’m gonna go and quickly post the Y.O. so good bye (Baby goodbyeeee!~) guys ^.^

Jo-Jo xx



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