Birthday Party

I went to my friend’s B-Day party today ^.^ We went ice skating and…


I kinda suck -.-”

I fell over 4 times -_- But noone else fell over ;-;!

Like –


one of my friends fell over non-stop -_-” poor her! I nearly ran into her like –


But I managed to avoid ^.^

Me and my best friend were sitting near the front of the mini bus that they rented >.< We were a little hyper >_>


We went to the Hard Rock Shop – and had a tour witch was suppper! (I brought no money -_-)then The Hard Rock Cafe.



It was so yummy!~ The porsions were MASSIVE! (I still ate all mine though… now I regret it >_>)

Oh the way back home we played sweet or sour 😉

That was SO FUNNY! :’)

Loads of people stared at us like –


But we got 3 out of like… 10000 >_>!!!! Yay! ^.^

The first one and second one were like



But they still waved ^.^

The third person.. :’)

We were all like –


But a bit more… infusiastic xD More like –


This man just looked about like


Then I was like PLEEEEEEASE! And I put my hands together and begged him to wave.

He turned on this random toy (He was standing outside a shop by a stall – with stuffed toys on it) and made the toy’s ears move up and down, then he waved and smiled at us XD

It was so funny :’) we were all wooping and cheering (Another point to our team hehehe)

Our team won 3-0… half way though the other team gave up and joined us. I guess it was unfair to start with – our team had 4 where the other team only had 2 -_-

The was one guy that the other 2 on the other team waved to who was like –


And got out his phone and looked as if he was gonna call the police >_>

After that we saw 3 police cars… creepy!

I’m so tired right now =_=


I’ll put up my FSOTD noooow!


Jo-Jo xx


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