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Hey guys! Sorry I’m late but I was having dinner >.< (Which I made… my sister had a MASSIVE strop >_>)

Yesterday Me/I by Touch won ^.^ Yay! Congrats.

Today it’s between HwanHee and Super Junior KRY (KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!)

Love song! I think it’s abot how he had a sad past (?) and finally finds someone who cares for him and someone who makes him feel happy. I’m guessing it’s from a drama called Padam Padam which one of the commenters said was good… His voice is very powerful and strong which is great ^.^


” I love it! Kyuhyun and Yesung’s voices are so smooth and Ryeowook has such a sweet voice and is so important to the harmonizing. As much as I love it, it is quite disappointing that the background music is so loud you can’t hear their voices clearly. I also feel like the rumor floating around about KRY’s album is just this. I really hope it’s not and that we get an actual album from them! “ – dearestpeony

Pretty much said what I was gonna say >.< This song is supppppper! I love SuJu KRY! ^.^ You may know that I like The night Chicargo died aswell :3 Their voices are stunning and fantastiiiiic!


Jo-Jo xx


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