Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today is sung by Soyeon from T-ara. It’s called What Should We Finish.

Has a nice beat and rythm through-out. Is an emotional and sad song… It’s quiet at the begining (0:00 – 0:46). Then it adds some more instruments (0:46 – 1:13) From 1:13 – 1:27 she sings abit more.. powerfullier? XD 1:29 – 1:30 there’s a short dramatic pause but the singing enters back well (1:31 – 1:34). Also during this time its quite smooth and not as loud as some of the other parts. At 1:51 it picks back up again… with all the instruments and all… From 2:20 – 2:22 there is another vocal point >.< and then after that she keeps the same amout of power in her voice.

At 2:32 the whole sound changes slightly, still using the same amount of power in her voice. Some of the instruments do something/change their sound to support the change of tune… 3:00 – 3:02 another emotional higher note. 3:16 singing stops and an instrumental begins. 3:31 – fading away and the song comes to an end.

This song is from the horror movie called Deth Bell 2

From the other pictures, this looks like one freeky horror movie o.o”

Infact, one commenter said –

“Omg i don’t want to watch the mv cuz the movie is supposed to be so scary O.o” – sweetlovesing

The MV is pretty boring… but I think that their acting skills are great! I love how at the very begining the girl’s face dropps, very well done! It’s basically just a close up on all the actresses… in their BLOODY school uniforms o.o” They all look shocked, sad, frightened, worried, concerned, terrifyed and emotionless -_-” Very well acted ^.^ Some of them look slightly evil though.. like… happy…? 3:07… Her face does droop so… meh…

The colours I’m sure are probbly picked to fit in with the movie so that’s fine… The location is kinda weird though. No offence! I just would have picked a creepyer place… acc.. that place is pretty creepy! It does fit it well really if I think about it, it’s dark and mystrious XD

Jo-Jo xx


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