Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today is by T-ara and it’s called Good Person

The song is touching, sad and thought provoking. Their voices are powerful and strong which helps make the song sound more tense and sad. The voices fit well with the sounds and instruments which were well picked to fit the right sound, in this case sad. The rythm is perfect and fits the song very well. Their stong voices also add to the drama of the song.

The music video is very simple which is fine… This MV has no plot and it’s mainly just close ups on the members of the group which fits the song. They all look like they’re in pain/very sad. The main colour use is white which suggests purity. The title suggests that maybe they are singing about a good person or saying that they are a good person..? idk…

Thanks for reading ^.^

Just had some REALLY yummy chocolates >.< Bet you’re all jelly XD

Jo-Jo xx


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