Favourite Song of the Day

My Fave. song today is Love&Hate by Clazzi

This song is very… electro pop XD This clip below show the different parts of the song –


Lots of different sound effects and sounds are used in this to controbute and make it sound right. The singing is done by Clazzi who has a good voice and the rap is done by MYK.

It’s a unique song by I feel like I’ve heard this some where before even though I havent! I think this sound is quite popular, that’s probbly why…

The MV is slightly weird/creepy… Am I the only one who noticed pokeballs flying around..?

I never knew Clazzi was a pokemon fan..!

I think there is no way I can explain what happens in this video… it’s very confusing, lets leave it at that..

I think the main colours used are black, white, green, red and light blue? This video also kinda gave me a headache because it moved from one part to another very quickly.

Thats all I can be botherd to say -.-”

Bye bye

Jo-Jo xx



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