Favourite Song of the Day

I think my FSOTD is Japanese… oh well >.<

My Fave. song today is Tell me Goodbye by BIGBANG

The song-

A constant (I think) beat through out. Sad song…  quite a bit of English (Engrish) used. It has a smooth feel to it and not too intense, it has it’s intense moments though. Good qulity, arranged well.

The MV –

It’s kinda confusing me -.-

I’m taking it that the girl from the begining that they all liked had died. It’s basically about their memories of her and how she was taken away, what the conciquences for them where after she was gone – eg. drinking (GD). I think the name of the song suggests that maybe they wish that she had said goodbye, that thay had the chance to say good bye to her? xD

They go to her grave and then remember all the things that happened to do with her… That’s what I got from this video…I think they say how they could forget and break up with this girl now she’s gone. That they could move on… I don’t know -.-

Sorry I didn’t write my normal amount but I don’t really get the video very much…

Jo-Jo xx


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