I guess I’m still ill!

Omg! I’m SOOOOO tired!


I wanna sleep…


But no… I have to go somewhere instead =_=. I’ll be like –


The whole time >.<

My nose was blocked all day, so horrible 😥

A teaser for Dream High 2 came out today/recently!

Looks good ^.^

I doubt I’ll watch any Hana Yori Dango today… I’ll probbly just stop it -_-

I’m finding it hard to choose my Fave. song today !!!! AG! Juust, 😦 so much to choose from… all so good! 😥

Can I be botherd to say what has happened today?

No… Nothing happened anyways -_-

When I constantly find someone has poked me on facebook –


But the next day they’ll be all like “I’m winning this fb poke war!”

Then I’ll get all pumped up and be like –


“… must… win!”

But it never ends -_-

Bye ^.^

Jo-Jo xx



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