Your Opinion

Yesterday’s winner wassss –

Well… it was a tie! G-D and INFINITE drew! 1-1

Today’s Y.O.’s between Super Junior K.R.Y and Super Junior M (Looks like it’s Super Junior day today -.-” Oh well… I love it!)

The Night Chicargo Died by Super Junior K.R.Y (taken from the Super Show)

Loved it the first time I heard it! Love the begining part, SO FUNNY :’) There is acctually an english version of this :O! (Not by then though)


U by Super Junior M

Great song, done well. Good use of english. “Cuz’ I can’t stop thinkin’ bout’ u giiirl~” ^.^

Thanks for voting ^.^

My sister finally likes Super Junior now WHIPEE! Her bia is Siwon, she really needs to watch Skip Beat because I’m seriously concidering becoming a Siwon follower after watching it ^.^

Currently watching Hana Yori Dango ^.^ Wish me luck… I’ll have probbs stopped it by tomorrow, u know what I’m like -_-

Jo-Jo xx



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