I’m really sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday! I’ve got a really bad cold thanks to my friends.

I feel so bad T.T My nose is like a never ending stream of snot πŸ˜₯



If I’m still like this tomorrow at school I’m gonna end up sleeping on my desk,


I did go shopping yesterday though even though I felt horrible. It was fun ^.^ When we got there we went to Hollister and got some nice clothes >.< Then we went to Waterstones (I think)Β and I got a manga –

Oresama teacher. Read it this morning! I need to get the 2nd book now ^.^ My sister got a manga too, she also got a how to learn Japanese book, I was very tempted to by a korean one.. but I had no money -.-

We had a snack in Costa and then, JUST as we were about to go, our friend said they were nearly there and that maybe we could meet them. So we did. We both went to get a Japanese take-away together and then went ALL the way back to Hollister again… Since I was feeling ill I was walking round like –






We looked for a wedding card my sister came accross a card that said “Mrs&Mrs” on the front,

My reaction :


My mum’s reaction :


Then my mum finds another saying “Mr&Mr”


Moving on…

I finished a Japanese drama I was watching! Mei Sama No Shitsuji

It was good… i realised near the end that I had missed like… 1/2 of the first episode thoug -.-”


There are hardly any gif’s for it -_-

Un fortunately I have to do home work now -_-




Byeee! Jo-Jo xx


One thought on “Sorry!

  1. Hi Jo – Jo, Im sorry I gave you a cold 😦 Get well soon! I still have a cold too πŸ˜₯ Btw I like your fave song of the day! πŸ˜€ Bye Bye *cough*

    ~Raddish11 x

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