Favourite Song of the Day

My Favourite song today is Super Junior’s It’s You… wich is like.. one of my favourite all time kpop songs so… yeah…

When I first watched this I cired! Dunno why… i think it was their expressions >.<

At first, I thought they sang “Uh, uh unni for you uh,uh-uh unni for you” but no… it’s “Uh, uh ONLY for you, uh,uh-uh ONLY for you” -.- Maybe that’s just me..

It’s a sad song and the beat fast. It’s kinda Sad Pop music..?  It has a strong opening and takes a while to begin. It calms down and is less strong in the middle of the song but goes back to strong after for a bit.  I thought it would have stayed soft to the very end but they bring some of the stronger vocals in first and the finish it with a softer ending which works well ^.^ My explanation of songs is pretty rubbish -.- sorry!

I think this MV/Song is about how they only have one girl in their heart and no matter what happens they will only love her. Even if she loves another man/they break up (Which I think is what happnes) they will still love her. They don’t want to give up on her even though she’s broken up with them >.<

At the begining it looks like she gives Kibum her ring back, suggesting he was going to marry her? Maybe it was just a couple ring? Their dancing is good and they do lots of hand movements that involve their heart, they have a good choreographer! I dunno why but I liked the bit where Siwon shouts down the public telephone >.<

Good use of colours through out the video, Blues, Navy/Blacks, Grey’s, Cream/White, Brown’s, Tiny bits of Pink/red and a greeny colour… Suited the video well.

Thanks for reading ^.^

Jo-Jo xx


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