Favourite Song of the Day

My fave. song today is one you may have seen already on my blog, Marry You by Kim Hyunjoong

It’s beautiful song and fantastic MV, very creative! I like the instruments used and the clicking >.< The story is of how the girl got married to the boy, how they met, they had children and lived happily ever after…

I don’t have much to say because I can’t find any critacisam… I suppose at the end where the sand art turns into those photo’s. I guess what they are trying to prove is that it happens in everyday life? Idk.. they’re just giving you photographic evidence…?

There is another MV for the same song/slightly different –

This is from the males point of veiw, but a different family I think. At first I was like, it’s a different song! But I have a feeling it the same song but slightly different begining?

Both well done ^.^

Now I’ll put up the Y.O.! >.<

Jo-Jo xx


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