Your Opinion

Yesterday’s winner was 3-0 to That Man xD, well done Secret Garden & Hyun Bin

Every Friday (Not counting tomorrow >.<) I will do a Y.O. OST special! So you guys all have to vote for the best OST 😉

Today’s Y.O.’s between Clazzi and Teen Top

How We Feel by Clazzi

Good song, the MV no to my taste (There are other bits of it that are fine but…). That woman is a pretty freaky robot!


‘박수’  by Teen Top

(Sorry, never found a translation for the name!)

Love this song! MV is about a girl they liked that died in an areoplane crash. Teen Top are a great group ^.^ They have a new song out which I LOVE! ❤

Crazy by Teen Top

It’s the one where I though he said my name… but he didn’t


Thanks for your vote,

Jo-Jo xx


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