The day before FRIDAY 13th!

Well today’s been not bad!

Oh! It was really funny when 3 of our class mates came in late and the teacher asked where they were –

“I was finding my pencilcase!” said one of them

“I was getting changed for a sports club after school.” said another

“I was helping her” said the other *points slightly toward the first class mate who was near the second class mate.

“You were helping her get changed?!”

*Laughter from all around the room”

:’) There was also when my teacher was explaining about what kinds of qualities you could have –

“You could be perticualy caring” she said,

But my class mate miss heard and thought she had said “…perticualry HAIRY!” >.<

You will… never… guess… what’s happened….





*-* Se Hun & Lu Han! Doesn’t it sound like it’s gonna be great? I love the location, it looks so beautiful ^.^

It seems all the members want Se Hun though!




I wonder who he’ll get? I’m sure Lu Han is angry about Kai and him? Fufufufu xD

Please don’t be shocked by my FSOTD today because… I don’t perticually like the group… but their songs, I do like ^.^

Bye Byeeeeeee –

Jo-Jo xx



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