Favourite Song of the Day

My favourite song today is acctually by a Chinese/Mandarin group called MISSTER. I would like to ask you guys all to watch my favourite song below and tell me something –

Well… after watching that you say, what is it that I’m going to ask…

Ask yourself which gender they are.

Becasue let me tell you, they aren’t guys!

They are acctually GIRLS


Yes, they’re girls

Can you BELIVE it?!?!

I was watching it like,


Then I scroll down and see in the comments that they’re really girls


Besides the fact they are cross dressers… their songs are not too bad! Infact, they’re good!

It’s basically about these “guys” that are trying to impress/cheer up this girl but it doesn’t really work untill the end. They all dance together and then she’s satisfied!

There seem to only be 3 locations, an office, a orange back drop and something that looks like an under ground train place or a covered walk way thing… So not really good locations… -_-”

I like the drawings/emoticons/cartoon expressions that are put on, XD they’re funny!






I also think the dance is appropriate for the song, they do a super man fly and then a slight punch to get rid of the bady all in dance form. Very clever!

I’m still shocked about them being girls so I’ll just say they’re not my most favourite group apperence wise just because I don’t really like this kinda think unless its in dramas. I really shouldn’t be judging them on appearence, their music is good and thats all that matter’s really!


Jo-Jo xx


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