Your Opinion


5… 5 people have voted!!!!!! That’s the most there’s been!!


Who are these people that are secretly voting? Who ever you are –


Yesterdays winner isssssss *drum roll*

Good-Bye Baby by Miss A 3-2

even though I think it would probbly be a tie because my sister said she changed her mind -_- too late now my friend…

Well done Miss A ^-^

Today it’s between –

To Love Me (Heartstrings) by Park Shin Hye

Everything I do today seems to be something to CNBLUE >.< CNBLUE don’t sing though -.-” Park Shin Hye’s voice is still great. Nice song ^.^ Loved the drama too ofcorse (WATCH IT PPL!)


That Man (Secret Garden) by Hyun Bin

Beautiful and Emotional! I stopped the drama because I found it took to long for the plot to.. get anywhere!

Yes… as you can see! I have picked two OST’s, one from Heartstrings and one from Secret Garden… I clicked on my OST’s folder and was like, That’s still korean… so it counts… right? I hope you don’t mind >.<

Thanks for your vote! The same apply’s, I still randomly picked the two songs.

Jo-Jo xx


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