Favourite Song of the Day

Today’s FSOTD is by CNBlue ❤ ^-^

I’m A Loner by C.NBlue

Catchy and great rythm. Also great guitar playing and good use of other instruments ^.^

The Song –

Good use of instruments and sticks to a rythm. Other sounds are used to make it better too. I don’t know how to describe the feel it gives… an upbeat song with sad lyrics? Doesn’t quite sound sad >.<


The MV –

At the begining they all have boring and lonly lives. They trust noone and feel that noone understands how they feel. There’s the rebel/gangster, student/composer and libarian. A guitarist comes to each one of them because they have talent (Like a talent scout) and gives them a diamond –





While looking at it they think, hmmm… I could change my life for the better. They think hard and shout out with frustration. In the end they do the right thing and run to the stage and sing together. They get a better and nicer life. I (kinda) guess this is supposed to show that you can be having a rough time and make it better.


Well, thanks for reading ^.^

I’m gonna go put up yo and I have some GOOD, GOOD news ^-^

Jo-Jo xx


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