Ranma 1/2 Movie or… is it?

Just winished the Ranma 1/2 “movie”, it was fantastic and halarious. Really reccomend ^.^

I read the comments and found this –

“…is this a drama or movie? cause it says final after episode one in the guide list.”

“Normally, these episodes are called “Special episodes.” After filmed, they are aired for a test audience. If the ratings and the amount of views for this one special episode is high, then they (whoever it is investing in this series I guess) will consider making a full drama out of this story.
So, maybe this will become longer than just one episode. =) Most of the time, it takes a year or shorter to decide”

Wait… that means it wasn’t a movie afterall…? AND… THAT MEANS IT COULD BE TURNED INTO A DRAMA?!?! *Squeeeeeeeel* Omg! I really hope it does >.< that would be awsome ^.^

Really happy now! I’m still sad it finished though 😦 it was good *-*

I’ll find something else to watch now then,


Jo-Jo xx

Thank You Ranma 1/2 for entertaining me these past 2 days –


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