Nothing much… New EXO teaser and Ranma 1/2 movie

First I want to appologise to everyone for the rushed post’s I did yesterday! I had to go somewhere ^.^”

Well since nothing interesting happened at shcool, I decided I will write some other stuff I want to talk about…

I guess.. something good happened today…






This is the first time I’ve SEEN Se Hun, I’ve heard of him but… I never expected this… he’s AWSOME! I was happy when I descovered Tao and then Kai, Lu Han and Chen and now… Se Hun… I’m the luckiest girl ever >.<

I mean just look –

… Doesn’t he remind you of someone slightly… To me he looks slightly like JaeJoong and has TOP’s nose? xD

But don’t you agree this T-Shirt is a bit…

“Naked Pictures” …

After this exitement… I need to watch the new Ranma 1/2 movie! It’s REALLY good (or thats what I think). I find myself laughing and it also have one of my favourite actors, Kaku Kento or… at least… thats who I THINK it is o.o

(Kaku Kento)

The movie is Japanese (sorry >.<) BUT it’s still good! I reccomend it! I did TRY and watch the anime a while (Ages -_-) ago, but after a while (When it got to a bit where it made me crindge) I stopped… >.< It was pretty good untill then!

I will go watch now 😉 but before that, I would like to announce that yesterday’s Y.O. winner is –

neither because it was a DRAW >.< 1-1, fisrt off B2ST was winning and next time I look, it’s a draw ^-^

Look out for my FSOTD and Y.O.! bye x

Jo-Jo xx



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