Favourite Song of the Day

Please don’t kill me, but today I’m not going to go into much detail! >.< sorry!

My favourite song today is-

Blue Tomorrow by Super Junior M!

Was addicted before and then somehow became addicted AGAIN!

The Song –

Laid Back but sad. Lots of use of instruments, soft use of voice. Calm and nice. Focases on their own individual vocals and then brings them together…

The MV –

First off they’re all sitting on seperate chairs and are holding sparklers. Kyunhyun starts it off, they’re all wearing nice clothes – brown, grey, black, and those kinda colours. It looks like they’re in side some kinda… log cabin..? with randomly coloured planks (0:39) eg. green, blue and red.

Then we seen a timer with a piece of red string attached which is on fire, I get the feeling that all this is suggesting the “end” of something, like a sparkler finishes and at the very end you see the timer which has completely set on fire. There’s also a red rope leading to a mobile, flowers, a photo frame, couple rings so I’m guessing its the end of love? breaking up? Remembering the end of love? xD

After we see a cloes up of them looking upset and tear fall from Hangeng’s eye. It then goes onto where they are standing in a line and sparks fall from above them. They do some dramatic poses then we see the timer is burning, almost like it has run out – Running out of time. We see the phone, flowers, some letters, the frame and the couple rings are also on fire. At the very end Hangeng gives a sad, teary smile and there’s a close up on the buring red string.

The end…

if you really read all that, thank you! If you thought that was all nonsense… you’re right… the stuff I come up with always is -_-”

My friend just asked me if I had heard MBLAQ’s new song and I was like… what…? o.o

She sent me the link and I realised it wasone I had been waiting for!!!! I saw the trailer and was like :O but I had no idea it had come out, so thanks Sky!

Here –

MBLAQ’s This is War

Okay guys, remember to all vote on today’s Y.O.!!

Jo-Jo xx


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