Back At School

Well today has been ENTERTAINING!

Firstly in my German lesson, my friend and I were jokingly doing this –

(Unfortunately thats the only pic I could find -_- I hope u kpop fans understand what I mean)


… to each other which made us go –

It was just… so… FUNNY XD

Also in that lesson we were doing restaurant roleplay and I asked how to say “Send my compliments to the Chef”

Well, I bursted out in laughter when I heard what cook was >.<


Just try saying that out loud with a german accent,

All my friends were like,

But one of my friends was like –

I dont get it…

Our reaction –

“K-o-ch” (Ch sound pronounced K)

Her reaction –

It sounds like –

(Her reaction)

Finally, she gets it XD

In English, my best friend and I sat next to each other. She poked me and told me to read a bit of her story to check if it was OK. I was reading through and see a sentence I couldn’t understand.It when something like –

“I put on my big ping coat”

even though this is not the funniest thing in the world…

For some insane reason we were in fits of laughter,

Well anyways, we then decided to make a list of stuff we could use in our “Language”. So here it is –

. Ping – Pink

. Blink – mix of blue and pink

. Thanke schon – Thank you

. Rihano – Rihanna

. wroted – written

Thats all… so far…

Also today I was walking happily to German when I heard somone call my name from above me.. I looked up to see my MUM hanging out the window like –


My best friend who was walking along with me was like –

“Look! It’s your mum!”

Me – “Ha… Ha.. Ha…”

Well there are other things funny that happened but… i have bad memory… ha… ha….

Bye ^.^

I’ll put up my FSOTD now ^.^

Yesterday’s Y.O. winner isssss – f(x) & GG/SNSD Chocolate Love Mix ^.^ Only one person voted… (Thanks Rad x) I want to have 4 votes again, *sob*

Jo-Jo xx


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