Good Morning Everyone ^.^

Just woken up! Still so tired =_=



Ehehehe… ehehehe…. heh…

=_= I have no idea what to say since nothing has happened…








OOOO! Our old next door neighbours came to say they’ve gotten married! Congrats ^.^

Just put our guinea pigs in their run and descovered it’s BROKEN!

AH! Yesterday’s Y.O. winner was Bad Girl, Good Girl by Miss A! 3-1! THATS 4 PEOPLE THAT VOTED?!?!?! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!


I can’t BELIEVE IT! HAHAHAHAHAHA! YESSSSS! That is the most people that have ever voted on a Y.O.! I’m so happy –



Thank You random other person that voted for Miss A! I know that my 2 friends and my sister voted yesterday… who is this random other person? Did you come after reading it off Raddish’s blog? Because if you did, thank yooou! Thank You Raddish! thank you person!


I’m going to go since there is nothing interesting to say!

Bye 😀



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