Favourite Song of the Day

OMG! It was so hard to choose šŸ˜„ It was either T-ara – I go Crazy Because of You or T-ara – Why are You Being Like This. You have no idea how hard it is to choose between them šŸ˜¦ But… I had to choose one so…

My FSOTD isss….

I go crazy Because of You by T-ara

It was really hard to choose butĀ if I had to chooseĀ one of them TODAY I would like this one slightly better.Ā It changes depending on how I feel, later on today i could like Why are you Being Like ThisĀ >.<

The song –

Good rythm and beat. Makes me wanna move my shoulders up and down for some reason XD i was gonna describe it as Electro Pop but when I asked my friend if that made sense she said she thought I made it up -_- so IĀ  don’t really know how to describe it >.< I like the part where is goes –

“OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH!OH! Cheoreoptge, Cheoreoptge, Cheoreoptge, Cheoreoptge, Cheoreoptge, Cheoreoptge, saldaga michyeo!”


The MV –

From my understanding its about some girls that are finding the class (Which I think is Maths) very boring. They dreamĀ of starting toĀ dance in the middle of the class room, clubs and stuff. After the song finishes, one of the girls that was dreaming about it wakes up/comes back to reality suddenly stands up with shock to realise that she has been in that lesson all along. How embarrassing!

I think that it moves from one scene to another too fast which makes the MV feel really rushed and makes me go #_# every time I watch it! It makes me get a headache! CRAZY!

Another thing that I thought was weird…

Why did they all wear weird glasses?

They also disapeared mysteriously at the end!


Thats all ^.^

I just gotta do Y.O. now >.<

Jo-Jo xx


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