Another long and tiring day at school! But tomorrow… IS THE WEEK END!!!


It’s only been 2 days but… FINALLY! GOSH!

This morning it was my sister’s turn to get up first, but being the silly girl she is, she refused to move. Which is all good for me because I get a lie in 😀 But she got very angry when my dad threatend to do this –

She was like –

And ran straight to the bathroom

I was like –


I hit my head -_- I woke up then… -_-

At school we had a Politics test (Which I completly forgot about) which I didn’t revise for…

And I didn’t even know the simplist thing…

… What’s a Dictator?? -.-

I have a feeling I may have not done too good on my test xD

We played a game in Physics (because It’s borning xD) which we made up. It’s called the name game where you are told the first name of a cleb and have to say their last name, eg –

Britney – Spears

Brad – Pitt

Katy – Perry

and so on. So when I was asked “Jo?” I unconsiously answered “Kwon!!” (from 2AM)

Jo Kwon -_- What…? They both laughed at me T_T

We do a car share with my best friend, so on the way back home, for some reason… My Bestfriend was REALLY hyper xD It was so funny xD

She was doing stuff like this –

… or thats what it looked like…

She wouldn’t stop LAUGHING! My mum miss heard her say someones surname and thought she had said “Tabacco”… that set her off like a BOMB! I ended up having laughing fit with her! :’)


I’m going to put my FSOTD up now which will take a while because I need to analise the MV… cya ^.^

Jo-Jo xx


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